GameSpot Reviews – Lollipop Chainsaw

GameSpot Reviews – Lollipop Chainsaw


GameSpot Reviews - Lollipop Chainsaw


  1. I love this game. It's funny, addicting, and charming. The game isn't all that repetitive because you can unlock new attacks and combos as well as costumes from different anime and characters. My only issue is that it is level based and not open world. 9/10

  2. DAMN WATERMARKS ON EVERY FREAKIN' VIDEO!  I gotta search and search just for one damn video I can use in something I'm making. And every channel has to go and screw it up by adding a watermark. As if it's THEIR game. (- _ -)

  3. It was an amazing game in my opinion xD The gameplay was pretty decent, if repetitive, but I didn't really like how in new game +, you didn't start out with all your weapons or abilities you gain throughout each level.. even so, I really liked the dialogue. Easily the best I'd ever heard. The soundtrack was pretty fucking dope too. They threw in some Arch fucking Enemy!!! But yeah, I love this game lol. It's the only zombie video game worth playing.

  4. this is why i hate reviews from review shows they say stuff like "banter" and talk like idiots i just want an actual human being telling me if the game is good or not, not some lame narrator reading a script talking about the video game like a doctor talks about the human body.

  5. Wished this game had way more gore than it have now. Ditch the rainbows and shit and get more blood and gore. The game would be way better that way. But that's just my opinion.

  6. The more I look at this game the more unappealing it is to me. I love Suda 51's work like Shadows of the Damnd, but I guess this game is too much for me.

  7. I bought 4 used games at GameStop today. I was most excited about Lollipop. To me it was the biggest disappointment. Outside of the cut scenes the graphics are via 2000. Not impressive at all.

    And it is repetitive as hell. I started getting bored about 30 minutes into the game. You use the 3 same moves over and over again. I know it's supposed to be a silly/fun game…….but even though being silly I thought it would grow a little bit in new moves and varying degrees of difficulty. It didn't.

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