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Galaxy S8 & S8+ Review – A PC Guy’s Perspective


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Can the S8 bring Android back into Linus’ pocket on a daily basis?

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Galaxy S8 & S8+ Review – A PC Guy's Perspective

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  1. Nice vid, Linus. I always appreciate your honesty in reviewing phones. I always feel like I can trust these reviews.

  2. The review I was waiting for before I invest in my next phone! The details you cover are so relevant and you do that in such a concise way.
    Love your channel!

  3. The review I was waiting for before I invest in my next phone! The details you cover are so relevant and you do that in such a concise way.
    Love your channel!

  4. Samsung is just good at ripping off "hot" things. I had an S5 and a Note4 and while they were nice phones, TouchWiz sucked balls and they tried to copy almost everything Google did, to the point where Google actually told them to cut it the fuck out and stop copying all of their apps.

  5. I think u will only have problems of someone using a picture of ur face to unlock ur phone if ur famous

  6. Linus, keep up the honest, informed work. I enjoyed the moving the discussion away from the battery and towards its software and hardware. Thank you.

  7. I say put aside S8 good phone but check out Sony new Xzs and Xzs premium that wipes the floor with Samsung I'm afraid Sony camera sensor is just the very best out their. Some tests have also shown that Sony Xzs snapdragon 820 has proven to be faster than Samsung S8 as the Xzs has been optimised better.

    also the new Xzs will have 4k HDR Sony is on a roll at the moment. iv been a Samsung fan for years and currently own a Xperia Z5 Smartphone have to say I'm goona stick with Sony for my next phone hardware is pretty good now..

  8. Hey LTT, I found very interesting all the info you gave us about the GS8 vs the iPhone! Thankyou!

  9. Hey dudebro, this was a really well-organised review. I appreciated how much effort you put in to give us the most logical, fair opinion. Keep up the good stuff!

  10. You guys truly post some of the most interesting and creative content, and I love seeing how every video is a slight evolution over the previous one. Going back a few months and even years really shows how hard you've worked at improving your content!

  11. Great video Linus! It's always nice to see a phone review from a different perspective. I feel your pain with the random battery drain.

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