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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn Trailer (PS3)


Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn Trailer (PS3)

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 (PS3) - Part #1


  1. still pissed I have to buy a PS3 to be able to play this… I loved all 3 before it, and I only have Xbox 🙁

  2. 90 plus hours on this game… wasn't able to finish it because my ps3 broke… any plans on porting it to current consoles or PC?

  3. Nice trailer, but I'm waiting for one or two things:
    1. Physical version of this
    2. HD port for PS4

  4. I love this game. it blended the best features of 2 and 3, and introduced my favorite gundam via DLC: Wing Zero Custom.
    That being said, it does have its flaws: I wish it had Sandrock, Altron/Nataku, Tallgeese III, The Rozen Zulu, and a few other things that I feel would have been awesome to have in this game.
    Ultimately, it is an awesome game and I'll turn this video on just to listen to the song, which is badass.

  5. Z'gok Z'gok Z'gok Z'gok I hope it's in this one like it was in 3. I also would love to see Zgok E. and the other amphibious mobilesuits.

  6. why aint any of the original suits in there?
    Epion.. Tallgese… Wing zero… heavy arms..? I did see Sinjun which was nice.

  7. Holllly shiiit I Remember this game and I felt like a bad ass kicking ass aww man the nostalgia oh and the soundtrack 🙂

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