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Dragon Age: Origins Level Up Glitch (Easy Level 20)


Dragon Age: Origins Level Up Glitch (Easy Level 20)

Ok So Heres the gold / dupe glitch
Sorry for the wait , i had to do a quest that wouldn’t let me leave , so i had to wait a bit , but here it is .

Just in case you Don’t watch all the way through
Do Not Dupe Past 99 or it will Reset to 1 .
hmm feels like im leaving something out but yeah Make Those Millions . XD

Dragon Age: Origins Gold/Dupe Glitch (ps3/360)


  1. Lol 2017 and it still works, and im using it on xbox one cause its backwards compatable now >.< , you would think they would patch the xp and gold glitch by now

  2. I'm about to put this game in my "fuck this fucking game" box.
    But first I will try this glitch first. UPDATE: PATCHED DOESN'T

  3. Can we confirm if the glitch works on the Xbox One Backwards compatible version released today? (1/10/17)

  4. On the pc version do that and and add points to an Abb you don't use then hit reset hit back on the abb and you get extra points to spend you can go negitive

  5. if your doing this after you beat the game for a second or third character or achievs that's fine but if you do this stuff on your first playthru you might as well play cod because your ruining the experience and point of playing an rpg you really wanna be careful you can ruin your whole game experience as for using for the achievments lvl all classes to 20 etc its a time saver but id still rec just play the game its so good

  6. Does work. Just have to get the timing down. Messed around with it for a little while. Triangle first, then x, but almost simultaneous. Awesome.

  7. It still works even with patches. Just hold your controller vertically and just quickly press Y and A almost together with Y pressed a fraction quicker. Won't always work every time for you but does work

  8. Playing the original hard copy version of game on ps3 and this simply doesn't work for me! Totally unpatched as well since my console is never connected to the net. So far 0% of the glitches and exploits I've seen online have worked for me.

  9. Or, fuck me, I thought you meant sell and buy it back quick, rather then sell all and sell at the same time.

  10. Ok so DA2 was not all that great you would think the least they can do was have more tomes and glitches. Nerds and RPG players live on glitches

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