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Does Sony Offers 2 Free Games with PS3 Console Purchase?


Im buying a ps3 this wednesday, so are sony giving free games for buying a ps3 or after a month something like that.because after buying a ps3 if sony offers free games on purchase of a ps3 i think i will go mad.
Ok then whats the current bundle?

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  1. Its usually the retail stores that do deals like these, not Sony themselves. The only time Sony does this is when they are making new bundle packs. Sony does some limited edition packs that are only available for so long (like the upcoming Killzone 3 PS3 bundle), but other times, the games are just part of the PS3 model Sony has designated to sell for that particular part of the quarter or fiscal year and will stay on the shelf for quite a while.

  2. Argos has 160gb ps3 with half price game hot pursuit fifa 11 or medal of honor or the 320gb has two free games infamous motorstorm little big planet uncharted drakes fortune gran turismo 5 prologue resistance 2. 160 is £264 with a game and 320 is £289 with 2 free games

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