Home Playstation Forum Do Playstation 3 Controllers come charged with the ps3?

Do Playstation 3 Controllers come charged with the ps3?


I bought a PS3 for christmas and am opening it in about 11 hours. My question is, do the controllers come charged or do I have to charge them?

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  1. they won’t be completely dead and should have some charge in them, but it is always better to fully charge batteries before the first use. So, for the first hour or so you play it, just use the controllers while they are charging through the usb.

  2. not fully charged but they still have enough energy to play for a while. i recomend giving it a long charge when you first get it to increase battery life.

  3. NO, they don’t. You need to plug it in anyway, so the system can assign the controller number (if you have two controllers)

  4. The controlers have 1 bar left. Besides you automatically have to hook them up to the PS3 from the get to to synch it.

  5. No, the controllers aren’t charged when they come in the box, so you have to plug it into your PS3 system after you open it up, if you really want to lay it the instant you get it, get a long mini-USB cable, I have a bunch lieing around, digital cameras, and most other small electronics use mini-USB to sync photos/music to your computer, they all work with the controllers.

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