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Classic Game Room HD – LEGO ROCK BAND review


Classic Game Room HD - LEGO ROCK BAND review


  1. Can you play Ride The Lightning by Metallica in this? I believe it was in the original Rock Band but I never played it so can you play it in this game?

  2. you know would be fun just for a change of pace if Mega Bloks made a video game you know they started taking movie franchises and making a mega bloks video game it would be just like the LEGO games only it would be licensed by Mega Bloks can you imagine that you would get games like Mega Bloks call of duty black ops and the sequels along with sports franchises made out of Mega Bloks like Mega Bloks NFL and Mega bloks NHL and Mega Bloks FIFA and Mega Bloks NASCAR of course for Xbox that would megabloks Halo but just some ideas Mega Bloks Ace Combat Mega Bloks uncharted Nathan's search for the golden brick because remember when you used to get those tubs of Legos that always came with one golden brick and the mini figures for Mega Bloks people look a lot different than Lego people minifigures so it would actually work but that's just a thought just the way for a competitive company that's not as good as Lego were just as well known as Lego because everyone knows what Mega Bloks is and they know it's not as good as Lego but they know the name as much as they know the Lego name pushes the thought instead of making more Lego games we're going to start making mega bloks games

  3. i was looking though the rock band music store and i wad pretty surprised to find that purple haze works with game plus a janes addiction song and song off nirvana never mind

  4. you might not be able to play any heavy songs on this game but the game has a dark side with the inclusion of rooftops (a liberation broadcast) given the whole ian watkins controversy, ( the welsh one not the steps one) singing a song thats sung by a man who  well you know…

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