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CGR Undertow – DESTROY ALL HUMANS! PATH OF THE FURON for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


CGR Undertow - DESTROY ALL HUMANS! PATH OF THE FURON for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


  1. My biggest gripe with this game is the fact that you can't go on an indefinite rampage against the humans. After fighting the military for a short while, the nexos interfere. At that moment it stops feeling like "destroy all humans". It ruins what could have been the best part of the game. Such a stupid decision on the developer's part. We didn't play this game to fight these wierd aliens. There should at least an option that stops nexos appearing in free roam after the game has been completed. Also, why the hell do civilians get more health in later levels? It makes it so much less fun to rampage on later levels.

  2. I be happy if they just made a 1 and then a 2 HD remake games n if they want redo 3 with a new and better more serious story.. no big willy isn't cannon

  3. This game is great because of new weapons and power ups. I've beat this game with my awesome skills!

  4. My copy has a glitch where when you throw objects at people with your telepathy nothing happens I was gonna return it but I waited to long so now I'm going on Amazon.

  5. I never liked the new running animation on him, idk if it's just me, it just looks like beta-quality movement in comparison to DAH 1 & 2's fleshed out animation,
    The only thing that makes up for it would have to be the new moves like the black hole shit which is ridiculously hilarious and time control

  6. Rest in peace crypto original destroy all humans 2005 PS2 and XBOX and destroy all humans 2 (2006) PS2 and XBOX destroy all humans big willy unleashed wii all of them were good destroy all humans path of the furon it broke the franchise rip crypto the new one path of the furon is like a unnecessary reboot or remake it was un needed

  7. I think they should have kept the old saucer, and then have a new saucer too, it doesn't feel the same without it, and seeing it all old and burnt crashed into the entrance of their casino makes me sad, because that saucer killed robo prez, burnt down that farm in mission 1 in the first game, destroyed blimps full of that purple drink in DAH2, dropped dragon eggs in a volcano, assisted Crypto when he was helping pox run Big Willy's, its just sad, all those memories to waste man.

  8. The first two on PS2 were so much better. Probably because they were by Pandemic. 

  9. wish pandemic studios exists still so they could make a destroy all humans making fun of the 90's

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