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Can you charge multiple PS3 controllers at the same time?


Want to know if I should go out and buy a 2nd USB cord because I just bought a PS3 and have 4 controllers for it so if I can charge 2 controllers at a time instead of 1 that would be great
One more thing. When the PS3 controller is charging there is a flashing light on top of the controller which im sure indicates it is currently charging.

When it is done charging does the red light stop flashing to tell me it is done?


  1. Yes that’s what the lights indicate. And for the cords, the standard Ps3 has 2 USB ports so if you have 4 controllers you can charge 2 at a time (1 controller per cord). P.S. you can use them while their charging. Also they can only charge when the Ps3 is on.

  2. Yah, of course. Would be stupid if you couldn’t. So long as you have enough open ports, you can charge as many controllers as you can plug in.

  3. It you have 4 controllers you might look at getting a charger. Heres an example of one: [url is not allowed].

  4. Yes you can. They also make chargers where you can charge multiple controllers at once, I know they have one for the 360 but I’m almost positive it works on PS3 controllers as well. It’s almost like a shelf where you set them up.

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