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Can I connect my PS3 to my old TV?


The only cord i have is the one with the red, white, and yellow ends. The TV only has red and white inputs. Is that enough?

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  1. No.

    the yellow cable is for video, and the red and white cables are for sound. so if you only have the red and white inputs on the tv (which seems really weird) then no.

    but what you can do is take a VCR or DVD player and plug the ps3 cables into that. most dvd/vcr players have video and at least one audio inputs, so after you plug the ps3 into that then plug the dvd/vcr into the tv via a single cable (not sure what it’s called but it plugs into the same place as the basic cable) and then set the dvd player and the tv to chanel 3.

    hope that helped

  2. The red and white plugs are for audio only, and they are more likely audio outputs and not audio inputs.

    If your TV has a coaxial RF input, then you can buy an RF AV cable for the PS3. The Playstation AV connector is the same for all Playstations (1, 2, and 3), so you can buy one labeled for any model: [url is not allowed].

    Some adapters can work with more than one kind of console (XBOX 360, Xbox, PLAYSTATION 3, PlayStation2, & GameCube), if that’s of any interest to you: [url is not allowed].

  3. Unless it is a Really old tv, it should have a scart connection.

    As far as I know you should be able to pick up an AV-Scart adaptor pretty cheap out of any good electronics store, and plug it in that way.

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