best rpg games?

best rpg games?


Can someone recommend the best rpg games for ps3? I played ni no kuni and it was perfect game for me. Thanks in advance

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  1. Like awais said, the mass effect trilogy is really fun rpg games. But two more rpgs that are some of the best games of all time are fallout 3 and.skyrim. if you havent played those, I would really recomend picking them up.

  2. I just watched a review on Ni No Kuni today and I’m going to buy it this weekend – it looks awesome! I would have to say, hands down, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I am obsessed with Skyrim! Not sure if you’ve played it yet or not, but that is def my favourite PS3 RPG game so far. I love games that look like Ni No Kuni though, the graphics and the similarity to old school RPGs are what really gets me.

    I’ve heard Tales of Xillia is a really good one as well, though I haven’t played it myself yet.

    I just ordered Breath of Fire III for Playstation and have dusted off the old PS1 and am now playing that. Brings back good memories! Have fun choosing a game, and happy playing. :)

  3. Best is Mass Effect 2

    but you can find complete all time best RPG PS3 games here

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