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An HONEST “Xbox One Elite Controller Review” & Demonstration




  1. I love my Razer Sabertooth, but it is just too fragile. It's the second one I've owned in 3 years, and it's already starting to break. I can't justify buying another, but the Elite is pretty expensive. Still, you've convinced me it's worth it.

  2. Unfortunately the controller is a piece of shit. From stick drift to broken bumpers, this thing is garbage. Less than 8 months old and this happened to me. If you do a little digging you'll find these are very common problems. When you tear into the elite (because for $150 you get an incredibly inadequate 90 day warranty) you find shit pots under the sticks and a unified plastic bumper configuration that results in breakage with no fix (unless you order parts from China). Very expensive paperweight. By the way, you can buy the bumpers for $3 on ebay.

  3. Excellent review mate great details all I needed to no covered everything unlike some reviews after watching I think it's a definite buy thanks keep up the excellent work

  4. I love how you are the first youtuber to say something bad about kontrol freaks on how they feel a bit too high it can get uncomfortable i have the bo3 edition ones and i never use them maybe its just me and i have to get used to them

  5. THANK YOU! – being such a big buy-in, I've been hesitant and I've had a hard time finding reviews where people say flat out, "Yes, get one," or "No, it's a waste." Really appreciate you putting this video together.

  6. would it be too much to ask you for making your bed next time before you make a new video? how can this not bother you while editing? its disturbing…

  7. Bro just saying this was a great review! You just earned a sub! I just bought a elite controller because of this review lol. Keep up the good work.

  8. well…now youve done it…made me buy one with this review… kudos and thank you for your take on this controller!!

  9. 0:38 – "I can barely used any other controller now"….
    FORGETS HIS CONTRACT… Knows he's in big shit if he doesn't give them a shoutout
    inserts shameless plug
    "But this controller mods one is amazing too"


  10. Got mine last week had to call over 20 gamestops around the city I live in and luckily found ONE in a city about an hour from where I live. I play competitive COD so I know about the importance of not having to take your fingers off the thumb sticks and knew I would need it. At first it is pretty hard to get used to and definately not something that comes naturally immediately. It's been a week now and I don't think I've ever made a better decision than buying this controller!! Helps so much and makes me a better overall player completely!

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