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Alekhine’s Gun Review


Alekhine's Gun Review


  1. wait i dont understand? IGN gives this game a 3/10 without any pros …..well if the game has no pros then it shoud have been rated a 1/10

  2. This game on pc is good, very similar to the hit man game. You can find several ways to eliminate your targets.

  3. When I got this game on Xbox one but where the heck is gamma I cannot see the place or room cause everything is pitch dark but no game options to make it bright

  4. Who ever think of looking the game great was high enough to think of doing it while having a lot of glitches

  5. simple reason why you should not play this game
    1.Don't ,this game will make you stress
    Trust me Guys i never enjoyed this game at all ,this game only make you hate other people because the difficulty of this game

  6. This review is total crap. I get that it had to be reviewed at the $60 price tag, but the game has plummeted to around $24.99 where it belongs. That being said this game is just fine. Obviously the reviewer never played Hitman 2 or Hitman Contracts, which this game is clearly meant to emulate, and it does a pretty good job of doing so. The AI in those games was laughable too. This game might as well be Hitman Contracts remastered for the PS4. The settings are cool, the graphics are good compared to say, Hitman Blood Money, and the accidental kills are pretty ingenious. This game is supposed to be a rehash of what stealth games used to be; it's not supposed to compete with the new Hitman. Giving it a score of 3 is criminal, especially when there's nothing else on the market like it right now for the new consoles. It's a 6.5 at least and very enjoyable if played on Hard. The reviewer clearly didn't try for a Ghost rating on each level. Maximum worked too hard on this game to have it bashed by IGN.

  7. Only if u play on ps4 or xbox one the bugs and the falling down thing is gone but there only one bug and in next Gen the game is so dark

  8. This game would be more better if there is a brightness level option it's so dark that I can't see it or my character and also if shitty glitches are removed and bugs

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