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Alekhine’s Gun – Review (PS4/XBOXONE)


Alekhine's Gun - Review (PS4/XBOXONE)


  1. sigh another game that looks like it was created 10 years ago, never got released, and somehow got sucked into the future.
    i'm seriously starting to wonder if we're EVER going to get a decent sp action/stealth game on next gen consoles, i've been waiting for over a year now and everything i've seen either sucks ass or is ruined by online multiplayer..
    today's gaming industry is a fucking joke.

  2. It dosent seem to bad for me but some glitches and the brightness in the game are shitty oh yah in the second Mission if u wear what ur enemy wears the fedora that u where will look like a hat inside another hat

  3. this game is only £ 15 on PSN..
    It aint all that bad.. if u like hitman games then its right up your street!
    and u can play it as u want to.. theres keep loads of different ways to take on a mission. .
    only thing that I dont like is the graphics are so last gen
    DEFINITELY worth £15.. (offer ends end of May 2016)

  4. I sadly sat through this piece of shit. Once you start the shit, it's too late to suck the shit back in so had to drop the rest.

  5. Yeah you're right dude. I downloaded just did. Now I throwing away without playing this shithole game. Thanks for rescuing

  6. So the shooting is shit. The melee is shit. The animations are shit. The ai is shit…definitely sounds like hitman… I think i'll buy it! If i play it as intended (as a social stealth game) i think i'll enjoy it.

  7. Well said, sadly i already have it so im just gonna finish it. ITs a painful game.And the lightning on the game…. is pure shit. this game is like going back in time, and not in the good sense.

  8. "not even the piss in my balls". You have piss in your balls? That's why you cant have kids.

    On a serious note, thanks for the review. I was a little surprised; they said you can play however, open world. But you mentioned you have to do it their way. Thats disappointing.

  9. hey whitey can you upload some of those older videos of you and your friends when you used to live in new york, they were awesome and will bring back some good memories i think it would be good for the channel aswell.

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