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9 Incredible Spring Sale Deals You’d Be Mad To Miss On Xbox


The Spring Sale has started on Xbox One, bringing loads of incredible sales. Lydia talks us through 9 incredible Spring Sale deals you’d be mad to miss on Xbox.

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9 Incredible Spring Sale Deals You'd Be Mad To Miss On Xbox


  1. metro redux for just 4 bucks,now that's a bargain considering it is one of the greatest pc games of all time and now it's been redone with better graphics and other things like the inproved menu in metro 2033,oh and before I forget did I mention it includes metro 2033 and lastlight.2 bucks a game,now that's a deal 🙂

  2. thank you xbox! i am getting paid soon and have nothing else to buy so i might as well dig into these tasty discounts.

  3. I dont get the Witcher 3, Its just a long talk with this guy, a long ride to this guy, another long talk with tgis guy, kill something (maybe), ride to this guy, talk to this guy.

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