7 Days to Die Review


  1. fuck graphic are terrible
    I'll never spend any money for this shit
    Even if will be for free fuck this

  2. I brought this on ps4 a couple days ago, having never played it.
    I loved it right from the get go.
    The depth of this game is amazing.
    Learning about structure integrity blew my mind.
    Sure the graphics and frame rate aren't the best at times.
    The gameplay should be the main reason you play a game.
    This gameplay is purely addictive.
    Your 3/10 rating is reflective of your ineffective punches and beard.
    I'm new to the game, clueless as to say.
    Yet even I have a level 350 bow and iron club…
    Day 8 whoooo!! :)

  3. I've dropped a couple hundred hours on PC, this man is exaggerating the Shit outta the game. He's reacting like he doesn't know what alpha is. it's an amazing game for $35 and multi-player is amazing, Try a couple modded servers and you'll love it

  4. it is hard to play in single player I admit but when you play in multiplayer though it's awesome

  5. i like thegame i have it on pc but its pretty dumb they have released a unfinished buggy game for consoles

  6. ign 27/30. this is an actual rating they gave a game. these guys are so overrated. they review games for a living. you know who else could do that, anyone. even lyndsey Lohan.

  7. It seems like they didn't know how to play it when they made the review. Or maybe the game was just a lot different than it is now.

  8. this review is so biased, I've never had more fun with a game than this one. IGN, I will no longer be regarding your reviews as a facrual source before I buy a game. if you like zombie games, you will like this game. if you like minecraft, you will love this game. lets not forget this is the same company that give every rendition of call of duty a 9.0 or higher even though it's the same rehashed shit game.

  9. This game shouldn't get such a low rating, it should be raised up a little more considering it being in alpha. However, this game should not have been put on the shelves at it's current stage in development. Otherwise I wouldn't have mind if they put a tag or some sort of information about this game being in alpha along with a smaller price for the game. If there is somewhere on the case which this game inhabits, it must have been very small or I just lack the vision to see it. This game should not be worth 30 dollars at it's current state.

  10. If they wouldve put a little more effort into making the game look presentable, it would be a solid 8 but this game looks like its played on a GameCube and it feels like a game you would buy from a dude who sells bootleg DVD's at the flea market

  11. You'd think that there would have been a few game changing updates. They've patched up a few bugs here and there but we need more to enhance the experience but it's a complete fail seeing how it's been so long since the game released and we already have better crafting games available.
    Fun concept but a horrific execution.

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