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5 of The Best PS4 Console Exclusive Games Coming Out In 2016


TGN has 5 of the best PS4 exclusive games coming out in 2016! The PS4 has a lot of games coming out in 2016 that are sure to get fans excited, which game are you most excited for?
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Written by Jasper Zarrindast


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5 of The Best PS4 Console Exclusive Games Coming Out In 2016


  1. Yes I want to play with a new ps4 . But I am confused , which game should I buy ? I want a game which lasts for very long and full of adventure and action all around . Can somebody tell me the good games to buy please !

  2. All comes down to choice , ps4 has the most interesting exclusives this year and in the near future and that's why I got a ps4 , the only thing xbone has come up with is backwards compatibility why the hell would I want to play my old 360 games on a new console when I still have my 360 console. If xbone gets better exclusives one day then I mite one but for now ps4 is kicking ass with games.

  3. Can't wait to play Uncharted 4. Yeah, i know it's allready out, but i haven't purchased it yet because i don't have much time to play at the moment, but i'm really excited for it and i'll get it as soon as i can. Just finished the Uncharted-Collection and i loved all three of the games. ''

    But what i'm really hyped for this year is Horizon: Zero Dawn. Can't wait to get to know more about this and – more importantly – to finally get to know a release date.

  4. 18 quintillion planets in No Man's Sky? I will visit everyone of those 18 quintillion (long scale?!) planets. I won't have to buy another game for the next 50 billion years, because that is how much time I think I will need to finish the game. Now that is value for money!! Have you tried counting to 1 trillion (long scale)? I will post a video on youtube when I finish the game, so that the next few dozens of sentient species to emerge in 50 billion years of evolution can enjoy the game as well. I will forbid the Sun to go supernova in 5 billion years, until I finish the game.

  5. No man's sky is not exclusive. Yes I know it's ps4 exclusive, before any retard comments. I just find it hilarious that console fanboy retards have to come up with their own special terms to make themselves feel better. 

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