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what would you rate call of duty 5( as in E,T,M) if i could tweak this?


if you go to options you can turn blood and gore off and you can skip the cut scenes so that would greatly reduce the language (i want to do this because mom mom doesn’t like m games and shooting people very gorily) so all that would be left is violence wouldn’t you think they would have rated it t if they would of not included all of those things? also in the store i found a game for the ps2 call of duty world at war final frontier and it was t but i couldn’t find it for the ps3 and i have a ps3 if you could answer my question it would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. yeah it is rated T with the filter but you can watch the cut scenes because all of that is taken out but in the filter i beleive they say the word Hell a few times

  2. Yes it would be rated T.

    When they show blood it makes it M

    With the langauge it makes it M

    But you can’t turn that off, so I don’t know the point.

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