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Skate 2 Review & Gameplay 720p HD


Skate 2 Review & Gameplay 720p HD

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  1. the complaints on this vid are ridiculous!! its the best game franchise ever made!! THAT SAID, they need to make the transition skating bettrt for sure, like grinding the coping is not that great in it, also, they need to make the switch stance alwyas look switch, not only when you 180 into switch

  2. This review blows. Not only does this guy know nothing about skateboarding there's also about a 50-50 chance he's actually played the game. The sound track is quite possibly the best I've ever heard from any game so I'm not sure what he was talking about. I don't know why he complained about the off board actions. Not only are they perfectly fine they aren't meant to be focused on. It's a skate game not a walking game

  3. With the new tricks and all this is a significant improvement over the original Skate, gameplay-wise. However, every step this game took forward it took another one backward in different things. Skate 1 had that awesome soundtrack, it had the style and it had the graphics. This game has a less interesting soundtrack and a grungier look. However, the gameplay more than makes up for it and makes it an essential for any fan of skateboarding games but doesn't make the original obsolete. These two are some of the best sports games around and it is recommended for everyone to at least try them out. Skate 3 on the other hand…… It is vastly inferior to both of its prequels, with a graphical style that feels way too clean, inferior challenges, added arcade feel and the fact that instead of one big city to fool around in you get segments you have to teleport to. Also, it doesn't have that many proper skate parks. Its focus on online play is a double edged sword: While you do get this playground for you and your friends to play in, it has made matters worse for the single player. And the soundtrack in that game sucks ass.

    Skate two strikes a perfect balance between the first and third games, making it accessible for both newcomers and veterans. It is difficult but much less unforgiving than the original without going to such extremes as the third one. The only thing 3 has over its prequels is hardcore mode but that would be it. This game still holds my interest after all these years and is definitely worth the money I paid.

    !!!!! RECOMMENDATION !!!!!  If you're a fan of the Skate series and fancy something different for a change of pace, you should look into Stoked (preferrably the Big Air Edition) as it is basically a snowboarding version of Skate. It has the analog controls and the simulation feel to it, with a great soundtrack blasting in the background. The graphics are great too, especially for a 2009 game. It was a budget- price release at its time and nowadays you can get it for next to nothing. It is a higjly underrated game and deserves more popularity. There isn't that many great, or even good snowboarding games so everyone should give this one a try. It is a bit rough around the edges but could be a start of a great series. Show your support for developers doing something different !

  4. this is way better than skate 3. I just hate that you have to teleport to another area in skate 3, and here you can skate around

  5. My favourite area is the school because of all of the ramps and what not, its just epic 😀

  6. This is perfect for me.  I usually just end up ignoring the career mode and d*ck around, and have a laugh whenever I bail so hard I should probably be dead.  Good casual fun if you have the patience for it.

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