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PS3 Wireless Problem?


When will Sony (Playstation) realize that they have a problem with the wireless card in the PS3?

There is a lot of people complaining about the wireless being EXTREMELY slow. I’ve got 85% signal strength and it takes me forever to download something.

For Instance: A friend of mine downloaded Conan preview. Took about 25 minutes. I downloaded it and it took about 8 hours. I even have the faster DSL speed.

From what read Sony is blaiming all the home networks. I’m a network administrator for 7 years, I don’t think it is my network.

Any Ideas

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  1. Yes, I heard about that issue with PS3 wi-fi. Probably it’s Sony’s own PS3 wi-fi limitations, which cause it. Personally I prefer wired ones, I have D-link 604 (with VPN support) – I have great downloading and uploading speed, as provided by my network. Think about switching to wired connection – as an admin you know, that they’re much more stable.

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