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Is it possible to put games backup files on an external harddrive and then play them on my ps3 slim?


Everything is in the question XD

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  1. a game copy software is needed to backup your game. Even if the games are well kept and stored carefully, nothing can protect against the inevitable degradation of the disc that eventually makes the most loved games finally unusable. So you need to copy games to ensure the data integrity.

    i used a software to copy my wii game, and i don’t need to worry about the game will broken someday while i am playing it, and it creates pristine 1:1 copies of any game you choose to back up. The sound and picture quality of the resulting copies are just like the originals’, allowing you to pack away master copies for safe keeping.here is the site to get the software, hope they may also appropriate to you:

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    for more information, you can google it:

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  2. Nope – it’s an anti-piracy measure. You can only play games from a Blu-Ray disc which has been properly formatted and signed.

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