Home Playstation Forum How many people are switching from sony ps3 to the xbox 360?

How many people are switching from sony ps3 to the xbox 360?


Is anybody going to switch to xbox 360 after Sony failed to deliver AGAIN? They assured us services would be back online may 3, here it is and still saying up for maintenance. I know im done waiting and im probably gonna switch the xbox 360 now. I hate the controller it’s really awkward and thats one of the biggest turns offs for me about the xbox 360. I also don’t like the idea of paying to play online. Oh well, forget Sony after they failed to deliver yet again. I gotta say im not suprised because they said at first it was gonna be 1 or 2 days tops. How stubborn can you be?! Stock is dropping like crazy for this company and i’m thinking maybe it’s come down to the end for PS3. I am gonna burn on this deal if I trade my ps3 for the 360 cuz I invested so much into the games and DLC. I am just thinking im gonna burn even worse when the company goes under and il be forced to buy an xbox 360 anyways. If I do decide to keep the stubbornstation 3 or liar station 3 or broken promise station 3 it will be used as a bluray player and nothing else.

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  1. I’ve been a Sony/PS loyalist, but this situation is putting me in a bad place. They are now doing a rush job on rebuilding a network. in a week. yeah, that’s gonna happen. Maybe they’ll prove me wrong. This situation just feels so “slapped together”. Shouldn’t there be backups, like at least allowance of online play while other sectors of the network are being secured. I don’t know, but I am considering switching to XBOX, but I’m nowhere near an XBOX fan (last one I bought for a family member, RROD AND failed disc drive that Microsoft wouldn’t cover. hey thanks Microsoft (no, seriously, G.F.Y. Microsoft!).

    . and the Wii is a definite no go. There seems to be nowhere to really turn. The sweet smell of FAIL is in the air.

  2. I’m not going to “switch” – I’ll keep my PS3. But, yeah, I really am about this close to picking a 360 on my way home tonight. This situation is just getting old, and it’d be easier to take as a multi-console gamer.

  3. The ones who can’t survive without video games

    Seriously, chill out about the system being down, you should be pullin’ even more hoes now since we got more free time.

  4. “Assured” us? No. 1 or 2 days tops? No. You have about as much credibility as the town pedophile running a day care center. They never said anything of the sort. You did. You’re the only liar here, little boy.

  5. calm down kid you can live without the PSN for a while maybe it’s time to go outside and get some air instead of playing all day

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