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Classic Game Room – SANCTUM 2 review


Classic Game Room - SANCTUM 2 review


  1. I play this on my Xbox 360 I love first person shooter and tower defense games AND THIS GAME IS SO EPIC

  2. Umm, serious question here: This game looks super fun and I love the graphics, but do I need xbox live to get it on 360?

  3. I'm going to try my best to make friends so I can play this with them.. seems so lame playing alone

  4. I love how CGR has a review for every game.. Practically all the games that are on the flash sale games now are reviewed by  Karnage or Undertow. Love these guys.

  5. games with aliens been there done that, i dislike games with aliens, how about we change from aliens to some sother country, like north korea, 

  6. What was the name of that sega RTS he mentioned? Sounds like Kingdom Under Fire, he should review that.

  7. I haven't played very much of Sanctum 2 but I prefer Sanctum 1. However Sanctum one was really short.

  8. Mark you can switch weapons while one is reloading and it will continue to reload.
    This allows for more constant shootans.

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