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6 Xbox One Indie Games You Need in Your Life – Manual Samuel, Coffin Dodgers, Gear Gauntlet


6 Xbox One Indie Games You Need in Your Life - Manual Samuel, Coffin Dodgers, Gear Gauntlet


  1. I will never own an X1. Microsoft showed their true colors with the X1's E3 launch and I responded by throwing my money at Sony.

  2. If i had to manually control every function of my body for 24 hours, you can bet your ass i wouldn't leave the house!

  3. Don't mention Monkey Island to that disgusting shit!
    Nothing interesting here either. So I have to only be excited for Psychonauts 2 in two years then :/

  4. lol the ones that look good are just reskinned versions of popular games, the others just look like poo lol I honestly can't understand the hype for indie games

  5. Hmmmm…. Coffin Dodgers looks like Colin Furze convinced a retirement community to use his inventions….

  6. Selfish-self-promotion 😉
    I do hope that my current project (called "Brave & Cherry") make it up to such videos as this.
    Currently, it's a 1-man project, but it's advancing quite fast since I have been working on the concept and ideas for over 2 years and started building the actual game just a couple of months ago.
    Best way to describe it is as a recipe :
    1) Take the gameplay style from the games in the series Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo 64.
    2) Add to it to the bird-view you and in the earlier Legend of Zelda's games (NES, Gameboy, Super Nintendo, etc.)
    3) Sugarcoat the setting (which has nothing to do with the Legend of Zelda's games series) with some ancient Greece mythology.
    4) Put it all in a Rogue-like blender where dying reconstruct the whole world which is generated from cells.
    5) Set the blender to "Dark Soul" difficulty because you don't know what's waiting for you and evading with rolls and counter attacking is part of the taste.

    The setting is quite unique (it's an action adventure game about food!) and the project is advancing at a pace that should allow me to display advanced game-play footages in approximately 1 to 2 months. I hope to be able to submit an Alpha version of the game to the GDWC 2016 by the end of September 2016. 😀

  7. Coffin Dodger is not that great, it's only cool if you don't have multiplayer racing kart game at all and want one at all price

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