Home Xbox Forum Will you be able to install Kinect on exsisting Xbox 360 Consoles?

Will you be able to install Kinect on exsisting Xbox 360 Consoles?


I just bought my Xbox 360 ELITE like 2 months ago and when the new Xbox 360 comes out sometime in November, I hear its coming out with Kinect. Will people like me be able to install Kinect on my already purchased ELITE, or do I need to buy the new console?
ALSO: how much will it cost to install Kinect?
Update 2:
Will the new Xbox 360 get red ring of death? does anyone know if microsoft patched it?

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  1. from what i read i am to believed that it will not be possible because on the new xbox 360 there will be a special port for the kinect. which the regular xbox 360 does not have. ok i just found out there will be a special connector for the old xbox 360. so yes.

    kinect is going to be $150 and it comes out november 4th 2010

    and the new xbox 360 is already out and its $300

  2. OK i think they mentioned the fact that it would work with ALL EXISTING XBOX 360s more than they mentioned anything else at the whole E3 but yeah sorry for that umm yess it will work if you haven’t understood that already 😛

  3. The new Xbox 360 Slim comes out within the next week, Kinect comes out in the fall, but there will likely be a bundle with a Slim and Kinect together once it comes out then. The Slim has a dedicated port just for Kinect, the normal Xbox 360 don’t have this port, so you will likely need an adapter or a separate cable for Kinect to work (but whichever will likely be included).

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