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Ultra Street Fighter 4 Review


Ultra Street Fighter 4 Review

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  1. Ultra Street Fighter 4 is the best version of Street Fighter 4 because it has better gameplay balance and it is way better than Street Fighter 5, Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, Super Street Fighter 4, original Street Fighter 4 and other past Street Fighter games.

  2. I got a slight complaint. This game is too difficult on EASY. I can beat it on EASY. I just did, barely survived with a sliver of HP left and I think it's giving me carpal tunnel. Trust me, on EASY, the cpu are supposed to fight like NEWBS. This means that if you attack them with KEN or RYU, the fall down and go OWIE. You all know this is true. Stop day dreaming, at the 3rd to last battle, this game gets harder than any SF II I've ever played, and I've played since the early 90's in its glory days.

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