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Thief - Review

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  1. I hadn't gotten this game at launch because I was pretty broke at the time, but then I got the entire series for pretty cheap on Steam. As a big fan of the originals and their overall design, I had high expectations for this game and frankly, I feel it delivered on most of them. Many original fans criticise it and say it's poorly-designed but I personally feel it's an excellent game and an excellent STEALTH game. Yeah, maybe it's not quite as hardcore as the originals but frankly, the originals were often so challenging that it discouraged me from playing at times.

    The graphics were great, the overall feel was great, the gameplay is great, it's just a great game. I love it a LOT.

  2. I just tried to rush through the game. Very boring game. The only part I really enjoyed was where you get the the asylum

  3. Did the developers of the original PC Thief games change? The entire game seems different.

  4. I give it 2/10. Awful graphics, boring characters and story, laughably bad voiceactig but the stealth is cool.

  5. My biggest problem with this game is the intense head bobbing. I want to enjoy game but I get dizzy so easily. I like the art style and I love stealth but dammit, why there is no option to turn the head bob off.

  6. Pretty harsh, only gave a couple or so pros.
    The game does have some flaws, like the inability to climb or jump anywhere (And that's really inconvenient when you fall into a little hole), but it's still pretty good. We should all know this isn't the original Garrett, so a personality change and new voice isn't bad, and not every character has to have a sparkling personality. The free roam world isn't that bad either, I always find it exciting to listen to the conversations and seek out the secrets of the City. And anyways, if you don't like all the helpers for lock picking and focus, you can always disable them. The story was definitely not the best, but always get excited looking for secrets from the older games. I also love the tons of documents you can collect which seem to have stories of their own.
    I, at least, still love playing the game.

  7. The problem with this game is that it tried to be an open-world.if it Was designed In chapters,where you dont need to Keep crossing the lifeless and bland city to get to the mission locations,like dishonored was,I would have no problem with it.

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