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PSVita Using Remote Play With PS4 For The First Time


In this video I am connecting the PSVita to the PS4 for the first time. I show you how it works and behaves. I also try a couple games and some other test as well.


PSVita Using Remote Play With PS4 For The First Time


  1. will it support every games .. like most games require the R2 and L2 .. But In Vita .. there is no R2 or L2.

  2. will it disconnect if you turn your ps4 off or log out because i have brothers and i wanna play my vita and let my bros on the ps4 while am on my vita

  3. can you remote play from anywhere that has wifi? could I play my ps4 at my house on the vitas down my moms house for the holidays or does it have to be at my house?

  4. do you waant to know why you waant to leave the tv off and ps vita on. saay that you aare suppose to go to bed and leave your tv off , and leave your ps4 on hide under your covers and plaay your ps4. Also make sure your parents are alseep, and leave your alarm clock on so you wont get cought.

  5. can somebody play it while PS4 is off coz i don't have PS at home may after connecting does the game remain on PS vita or cell phone I used to connected or its means only it works connection between the device.if it is disconnected it fails is that it means.

  6. So could someone play on the PS4 on their own save while your PSVita is sill connected? Could you both play the same game?

  7. can you play PS Vita games in the ps4? cuz i have the jack and Dexter collection and I want to play it on my TV like when I had my ps2

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