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Old XBox 360 Refurbished or New Xbox 360?


i want to buy an XBox 360 but not sure which one to get. cause i can get a brand new one with a 250GB hard drive for the same price as an older one but with a bigger hard drive ( 250GB ) and two controllers and Call of duty or splinter cell.

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  1. uhhh. clearly take the new one? refurbished means someone took that xbox in and they restored it. and the newest xbox 360 have built in wifi and all that good stuff so new.

  2. well you should buy the old one but 50% chances are that it will have some problem with so you should get the new on with a bundle. in summer, July they are going to have lots of bundles

  3. you should get the new slim version its got all the goodies the old model doesn’t plus most of the newer games like modern warfare 2 and splinter cell conviction are like 40 bucks used

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