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Lost Soul Aside – Trailer Reaction – The Discussion


Lost Soul Aside - Trailer Reaction - The Discussion

Dark Souls 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Undead Knight (DS2)


  1. You should read his tweets, the guy is pretty honest! He didn't make everything from scratch, he's using pre-made stuff from the UE marketplace. And he said that the game is still a prototype, and may not end up as good as this.

  2. hey moose I started using adobe after effect I would like to learn with other too use. can you give me any idea's or if anyone in the herd can help out?

  3. +TheSolidMoose Hell fuckin A yeah, they should have goals like donating $500 gets you a replica of ol boys jacket and hair gel.

  4. Man, if i met this guy, I would have a sex change just to have his children. This honestly looks like it could be one of the greatest games of all time, and the fact that it's made by ONE GUY! I mean, Dust an Elysian Tail was made by one guy as well and that game was great, but it was still at a limit. This man must be the jesus of modern games. The visuals look beautiful, the combat looks incredible, and the flying. HOLY SPIT THE FLYING. Normally I don't get very hype for games in case I get a big bowl of disappointment, but I can't handle my hype boner right now. AND IT'S GONNA BE ON PS4! PRAISE THE LAWD! If everything turns out like it should, this could easily be the best game of its kind.

  5. this set a bad for what a indie developer can do this really does inspired other ppl to make games when I hear stuff like this but I hope this game play like a dmc game

  6. Sadly the guy making this said that he'd take like ten years to finish it at the rate he's going. I'd definitely kickstart this for a reasonable price but I'm not too fond of the generic edgy characters even though the guy also said he'd like to change the designs.

  7. I really hope this game is legit! And that it comes out for PS4 D: OMG! It looks amazing and I know my laptop wouldnt be able to play it.

  8. Oh wow the UI in this one is so much better than the other two… why did they downgrade in 3…

  9. I don't like online gaming at all. Long ago, I used to play FFXI online, and I gave up because lots of online players were a bunch of bullies. I am old enough to hate or loathe those harassing people mostly if one is playing online. Thanks for this video though.

  10. For fuck sake stop wondering off! lol It's supposed to be a walkthrough so just go to where you are supposed to go!

  11. not his firt time he just walked through a gate which should of had a statue and the statue was not there

  12. oh wow i just started playing this, kinda played ds1 then ds3 and now ds2, and i just noticed i went straight to the larger enemies because i didnt notice that archway…. no wonder that area and the one with the pirate ship where so damn difficult XD

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