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Is it ok for xbox games to be on top of my radiator cover?


I have my xbox games above my radiator on the cover(basically like a wooden shelf about 20cm above my radiator). Will they be damaged if I leave them there when the radiator is on. The radiator not all the time(only from 4pm-10pm). Any information is appreciated.

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  1. rule of thumb, if you have to ask “will my games be OK” usually means don’t do it. In this case, if the shelf is made of wood, and the wooden shelf hasn’t been damaged by the radiator, then you’re fine to leave them there.

    Wood is naturally non-conductive meaning it won’t transfer heat and moisture like a piece of metal would.

    Besides that Xbox games are made on Blu-Ray discs, have you ever tried to mess up a Blu-Ray? It’s a ton of work just to scratch one of those things! Don’t try it on your games though please, I wasn’t telling you that to treat your games like crap, just to ease your apprehention. You’re more likely to ruin the case thn the game though.

  2. wood is not that much of a great conductor. also, xbox games scratch very easliy so do take care. i myself have various xbox games and i keep my games on top of my console (i have a 360 elite [gets hot really quick] and i leave plain disks on top of the console) the games still work perfectly

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