Home Xbox Forum How much space can an xbox 360 hold up to.?

How much space can an xbox 360 hold up to.?


I just found out that metal gear 4 wasn’t for Xbox 360 because it was too big and it would have to be on 7 discs. So how much space can an Xbox disc hold up to.

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  1. The Xbox 360 uses DVDs for its games, which store up to about 7 GB after the space reserved by the console is accounted for (or 8.5 GB total)

    MGS4 used a lot of uncompressed video and uncompressed audio to make it take up more space than it really needed to. Uncompressed, it’s about 6 DVDs worth of data; if they’d bothered to compress it then it could have fit on 1 or 2.

  2. The Xbox 360 uses DVD or dual-layer DVD for its games. So it holds 4.6GB or 8.4GB. Most games average around 6 or 7 GB. There are a few multi-disc games for the 360 but they’re mostly RPGs.

    The PS3 uses blu-ray discs which holds 25GB or 50GB. Sounds bigger.BUT keep in mind, the majority of games are on both the PS3 and 360 with identical graphics AND fit on a single DVD for the 360.

    The blu-ray drive in the PS3 is actually slower than the DVD drive in the 360. This is one reason the PS3 requires most of its games to be installed to the hard drive. Another trick the PS3 uses is putting multiple copies of the game on its blu-ray discs. This way, it’s quicker for it to find the data it needs.

    Also most PS3 games include multiple languages on the same disc, so it can be shipped to any region in the world. The 360, meanwhile, needs to produce different versions for each language. However the extra space these language versions take is one reason why Sony fanboys claim that PS3 games would take “7 or 8 discs” on the 360.which is utter BS.

  3. Some 4GB and 120GB and 250GB and 320GB

    I have the limited edition xbox360 slim gears of war edition which is 320GB

    -Hope i helped!

    Some don’t even have hard drvies.

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