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How do i change to ps3 setting to AV / scart? cuz it just goes blank, and then goes back to the original one?!?


I change the setting from HD-MI to AV / scart? because when i try settings – display settings – video output settings – AV multi / scart and then i press change and it goes blank for about 30 seconds and then, comes back on again, but this time still the same settings it has not changed! this is driving me and my dad crazy we can not figure it out! could you please give me feedback on what to press (settings) to make it compatible with my standard television ( AV / Scart ) please please help me out. my friends are missing me on call of duty. your helpful comments will be sincerely thanked.

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  1. turn off the power, hold down the power button for 3 seconds until you hear several beeps, now the ps3’s display settings should have returned to factory defaults (AV/Composite). Good luck!

  2. here’s the answer. go to reset the av setting on the page listed below.

    basicly plug in the av. turn the system on then off for 30 seconds, then on again. it should reset.

    [url is not allowed]
    i just asked the same question. if you receive an answer please let me know as i will you if i receive one.

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