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Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 – Walkthrough / Gameplay Part 1: [Zeed Attacks]


Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 - Walkthrough / Gameplay Part 1: [Zeed Attacks]


  1. Anyone still have this on ps3 and still play? I just got it think its quite good, Add me on Addy_187 for online co-up

  2. I have finished the game I think I had a better time on it then anyone. and yes ken's rage 1 was better. ken's rage 2 had a lot more to it

  3. I ended up buying the 2nd one anyway because I gave into the bait. They gave you free DLC for buying it before some set date. But it did piss me off pretty bad. Bunch of cheap asses. I think the Ken's Rage 1 intro might be the coolest game intro I've ever seen.

  4. When Kenshiro or any other Hokuto style user (Toki, Raoh) attacks, they attack the victim's pressure points, thus making them either explode, causes paralysis, certain part of the limb uncontrollable, etc. The style can also be used to heal, albeit touching certain pressure points a bit softer or alter certain attributes to oneself.

  5. That fucking blows dude. I'm just going to buy the first one again.
    Sorry for wasting your time. Thanks for the response.

  6. Why didn't you show the intro to the game?
    I can't find a video of the intro anywhere. The first one had such a good intro.
    Could you please make a video of the intro?

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