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Final Fantasy XIII​: Weapon Upgrading made easy!


Final Fantasy XIII​: Weapon Upgrading made easy!


  1. also before the apartment when hope and snow are on the way there just before you fight ushumgal subjugator the first time there is a place where you fight 3 aerial snipers if you stand right where you first enter their encounter area and then take a few steps back they respawn they have a much higher chance of dropping incentive chips takes like 30 minutes for 10 instead of like 3 hours in the apartment and once you upgrade hope and snows equipment to max the fighters are super easy it is feasible to get enough chips to give everyone fully upgraded first level equipment here in less time than upgrading one person in the apartment

  2. the point i am in the Game hereing him go THEY GIVE YOU 640!!! points ** looks at the 10K he needs to move one slot* well thats helpfull lol

  3. Shame SE didn't put that awesome infinite gil/infinite items feature into the PC release of FFXIII like it did with FFX/X-2 Remaster.

  4. I used to believe that the descriptions on the materials was a clue, telling which ones is best suited to upgrade which type of acessories and weapon. Like those who got electrical components would be best for guns and similar technical things. X) It felt easier when just using the mats giving the highest upgrade value.

  5. ok… so I'm not going to call you void of ff knowledge… As a FFX player though.. We used almost the exact same leveling system… Just FYI.. I haven't seen a change in final fantasy leveling in a while… It was maybe a little different in crisis core.. but only a little..

  6. You need to use crap material to get at least 600 experience it will trigger BONUSx3!!! You just shown how to waste their Gil


    There's a section right near there in Chapter 9.. When you're running down that long tall hallway with the alarms.. You can run all the way to the open area in the back.. save ,then run back through killing everything. The psicom guys there have a MUCH higher drop rate for pricey chips than the guards in Hope's house, and you can fight them quickly for however long you want. I also discovered the farming spot in Hope's house on my own, and I spent hours there, but I got sick of it.. The drop rates are truly abysmal. So I moved on after rarely getting any good chips.. Then the alarm hallway.. Every few runs through that long hallway in chapter 9, you get multiple incentive chips.. rather than cheap credit chips, and it takes you like one tenth of the farm time. TRUST ME. I think the zone/area is called Crew Corridors? Just have to run into the open area with the save point to reset the spawns.

  8. lol …. i'm a noobie at this game , so i fucked up the starting part by selling components t'ill like chapter 5? cause the game early on doesn't let you know about upgrading and stuff
    now i'm at chapter 9 and passing by i haven't upgraded single shet since i looked up on google if i should upgrade stuff or not . so i'm so very behind here 🙁

  9. Crystarium is just a shittier version of the sphere grid to be honest. If they went with the sphere grid concept, and made the areas more explorable and less hallway-ish. This series would have done much better. Afterall, FFX was very linear until the end too but it did very well. Well enough they've remastered the game a whole bunch across multiple consoles.

  10. The robot guys in Malhabra or whatever its called at the beginning of the zone are easy and give 2-3k per battle depending on the number of bots. If you have Thundega it makes it way easier especially with Hope and Vanille. 3 battles turn around 1 battle and do it all again a good 10k CP per run through, only downside is the drops arent the best.

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