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Dragon Ball XenoVerse Review


Dragon Ball XenoVerse Review


  1. They gave more shits to Xenoverse when it came to repetition in combat, and less to Ultimate Tenkaichi, even though Ultimate Tenkaichi is a glorified rock,paper,scissors simulator with a fancy Dragon Ball makeover.

  2. this was the shittiest ign review ever, xenoverse was an amazing game, you complained about how the missions were unfair and fighting was repetitive, even though there was many many many different energy attacks you could buy, and if missions were unfair because there was a lot of enemys and your allies were trash, then get good at the game or stop playing you dumbass

  3. Now I have to admit, IGN hit the nail right on the head with this game. Xenoverse 2 is slightly better than this one, but it's still not great IMO.

  4. I've heard alot of criticism about Xenoverse. Oh course the combat isn't as complex as some of the previous dbz games, but its really fun. If your a dbz fan, you'll love this game. Ever since I was a kid I thought about creating my own dbz character, so its awesome to see my dream come true. It's also cool to fight along side ur favorite dbz characters for once instead of doing the story mode as usual. I havent played a dbz game this much since dbz tenkaichi 3.

  5. There are so many butt hurt fan boys in here. I grew up on dragon ball and dragon ball z and I absolutely love the series but even I can see this game is an unmitigated piece of crap. It has more issue's with glitchinf than an Elder Scrolls game, and doesn't achieve any near a level of greatness to make me look over said glitches.

  6. " I was forced to grind in the fun but short online co op missions to have a chance" IGN, so basically you have to train, sorry that you cant run through the game.

  7. combat is indeed lacking …

    tenkaichi 2 and 3 for me had the best fighting although using ki explosion in xenoverse is at least doable

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