Home Playstation Games Days of Thunder (NES) – A victory !

Days of Thunder (NES) – A victory !


Days of Thunder (NES) - A victory !

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  1. I couldn't beat this game. That driver who is in the lead, is a freaking nightmare! I never got a chance to get by him, and lost every ****ing race!

  2. I remember renting game as a kid. I never won a race, but controlling the pit crew was interesting. But no one else had to pit. WHYYYYYY????

  3. This brings back a lot of memories (I didn't say good memories). This game was very frustrating. My thumbs were so sore I could hardly bend them. I hated how you had to pit and everyone else didn't. It took forever to learn how to get a good pit stop in. The further you got in the game the more you had to win. By the end of the game, you had to win every race.

  4. "Now that ´s drving!" – very nice, I used to play this game a lot as a child. Managed to get through some whole seasons, but never won one.

  5. Dude look how fast you are going! XD Yes, I know it's the European one, but even in the original one the game goes soooo slow.

  6. @AJclips : I guess it's cos I play on European version, and the game is 1.2 time slower. 29"8 corresponds to 24"8 on American version.

  7. How in the hell are you getting 2nd place in qualifying with a 29.8(last q time I saw) when I can't even crack the top 5 with a 25.4? I mean, I'm sitting here playing DoT right now and I just about ready to throw shit. This game is hard as fuck.

  8. your my here ! as a kid this game made me sooo mad because i could never win. i bought it a few years ago thinking i was just a kid and wasnt very good, sos i was going to get revenge. well i still cant win ! i notice im not the only one though. atleast i know its possible.

  9. holy fuckballs did this game suck…I remember it was all rented out FORVER then I finally get a copy and holy shit…BIGGEST LET DOWN EVER!!…Bill Elliots Nascar Challenge was cool though…for an NES game anyway

  10. Man to watch in the future my ass… the first and last time Cole would ever win… with the exception of a chance win at Talladega… what a joke of a game.

  11. Dude, I was straight rolling when I read this… mostly because of the frustration I also felt when I used to own this on the NES. The computer cars never had to pit and their tires never lost grip… you were constantly fighting an uphill battle… then at the end when you get to drive for Rowdy Burns you get your doors blown off by Russ Wheeler.

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