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Black Friday BEST GAMING DEALS – The Know Game News


What’s better than spending all your money on gaming stuff? Spending less of your money to get more gaming stuff! Some of the Black Friday deals for games are pretty insane this year, so if you’ve been holding off on a new console or TV you could be in luck.

Linkdump: http://bit.ly/2fGh9fR

Written By: Eddy Rivas
Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins and Jon Risinger

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Black Friday BEST GAMING DEALS - The Know Game News

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  1. Can anyone tell me if the Rockband 4 guitar is worth getting if I already have a Rockband 2 guitar? Or should I just get the game

  2. I saved $250 of tips working 3 months I'm so glad I did now I can get the PS4 basically spending none of my actual money

  3. My uncle told me about this really useful website called Increditopia for deals. So I went ahead and googled it, now I have to hide my wallet every time I visit lol

  4. I got the idea from Mitch, so I googled Increditopia and found a bunch of stuff on sale, surprisingly not from Amazon’s Black Friday deals (although they have those as well.)

  5. I slowed this clip down;
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    That's just the parts I understood.☺

  6. i love doom but i think uncharted 4 should be number 1 ( it's my favourite videogame of all time )

  7. aaaannnd from soft decided to take themselves a cyanide by making a half-assed attempt for the ashes of ariandel… I mean, it was THE story about the painted world… How could it go so wrong.

  8. Guys call of duty infinite warfare best game 2016
    The only the thing better than that would be if they made a sequel to ride to hell retribution

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