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Strider – Review


Strider is a high-speed, acrobatic action game with a hero that’s fun to control from the first blade swipe to the final deathblow.

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Strider - Review

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  1. A useful review if you basically just want a list of features, but I can't help feeling that this review is basically just a wordy and over-long trailer for the game.

  2. Just played demo and it sucks ass, getting killed in that Kazakh mission. Stupid game, Iam not impressed!

  3. 8/10 ? Really, we bought a next gen console to play SNES style games in the year 2014 but with better GFX. God i hope this year is better than 2014 because i honestly spent most of the time looking at my PS4 thinking about all the great games i played on last gen consoles such as Gears Of War with friends playing Horde for hours on end, The Last of Us on my own completely immersed in to the story and gameplay, the numerous hours on Fallout and Skyrim until all the hours in the morning knowing i had to get up for work the next day. PS4 lets see, i have had numerous indie titles that are just a visual improvement of the numerous games i played back in the day of the SNES and Mega Drive, fuck even further back than that, the NES and Commodore 64. The AAA titles were all total let downs completely hyped to death, yes Destiny and Watchdogs were utter shit! The millions of remakes that were out just the year prior, Ubisoft trying to be Activision trying to find their own Call of Duty milk fest of yearly titles with no innovation of copy and paste boring mechanics. Honestly 2 titles actually interested me in the whole of 2014, actually 3, ALIEN Isolation, Dragon Age but is buggy as hell which is the year of 2014 that will be known for the buggiest year ever imo and Infamous but that actually came out in 2013 so yeah 3 games in total for the PS4 only 2 for 2014. I wish people would stop throwing money at companies with pre orders, especially ubisoft and buying games that are just copy paste crap like assassins creed.  The video game market is saturated with games that are just copy paste from one another with no innovation and i find it very hard to get excited these days. If Watchdogs and Destiny were the flag ship games to bring us in to the next generation we are doomed and i am completely and utterly shocked that there has not been a video games market crash like back in the 80's because there truly deserves to be one to kick these lazy devs and publishers up the arse to give us proper good quality content! I am disgusted with the release of games so far since the launch of the so called next gen consoles.

  4. This game is awesome! I've just finished normal dificulty and i'm playing on hard to truly test my skills and i'm loving!

  5. best game capcom has put out in a while.  and developed by the people who made silent hill: homecoming???  wtf????

  6. What a patronising voice the reviewer has, Its like he is explaining the game to autistic kids or something ……….

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