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Ps2 won’t work, what should I do?


My playstation 2 won’t read any discs. I’ve cleaned them multiple times and inserted them a million times over. Still, it’s unable to read any discs I insert into the player.

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  1. You’ll probably need to clean the laser lens and realign the lens assembly to the proper position. Its a lot simpler than it sounds. Follow this guide and you’ll have your PS2 up and running again in no time: [url is not allowed].

    NOTE: The guide should also mention this, but you do run the risk of messing up your PS2 forever if something goes drastically wrong, but with patience and precaution things should go smoothly.

    Hope it helps.

  2. a dvd drive have a life time,if you clean your dvd drive with the disc cleaner,remove dust etc.and still doesn’t work,you need to buy a new dvd drive.

  3. go to wal-mart or bestbuy , or wherever you can buy a dvd lens cleaning disc

    use it to clean your laser lens , it’s probably dirty

    it is cheap to buy and easy to use – just add the cleaning solution following directions and put the disc in the ps2 , but if it’s not the lens that’s the problem then just throw the ps2 in your recycling bin because it’s cheaper to replace than repair it ( or buy a ps3 )

    you can use the cleaning disc on your dvd player and anything else like a pc too so you can extend the life of all of them for a cheap price

  4. its probably something wrong with the lens that reads the disc inside your ps2, not the disc itself, try cleaning it or something

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