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My disc randomly stopped working, ideas? Skyrim xbox 360?


The new dlc (downloadable content) came out for Skyrim a few days ago. I was playing the game as i was downloading it and when the download finished I went to xbox home to let the dlc kick in. Now when i try to play it says my disc is unreadable and tells me to clean it. I’ve had it cleaned at Hastings, and I’ve deleted and reinstalled the game and all of its dlc. Microsoft had no explanation.help?:/

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  1. Have you tried testing out other disc? If the other disc doesn’t work then its the Xbox360 DVD Driver going haywire, you can fix it yourself or send it out to Microsoft. If you still have the warranty and its valid. Including making sure you haven’t attempted to repair the Xbox360. Or it can either be a glitch that recently happened, because just recently I had the similar problem as you but I pulled out my USB flash drive, while its still on. However that a long story. Maybe that the case.

    Anyways here’s the repair the old Xbox360 console and the Xbox360 Slim

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    Good luck.

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