Left 4 Dead 2 Tips – Being the Infected

When you play as the “Infected” in Left 4 Dead 2 you can be a boomer, smoker, hunter, tank, spitter, charger, or jockey. It may seem overwhelming at first but the controls are very easy for all of them.

Boomer – Run around as a bloated infected and try to puke or explode on the survivors.
Controls – Right Trigger is Puke, Left Trigger is Claw
Strategy – When you puke or explode on a survivor their outline will become purple and the horde will become attracted to them. The way you rack up a lot of points is by puking on someone who has been incapacitated, that way they can only use their pistol against the horde.

Smoker – Use your extra long tongue to strangle survivors or bring away from the group.
Controls – Right Trigger is shooting out your tongue (make sure that your reticule turns red before you shoot) and Left Trigger is Claw
Strategy – When you grab a survivor with your tongue it pulls them towards you and they will either come to you if you hit them in a straight path or they will get snagged by whatever debris is on the ground. The easiest way to dominate with the smoker is to get one of the survivors alone and then constrict them, preferably if they are lagging behind their group. Tip – Roof tops are your friend

Hunter – Pounce on the survivors
Controls – Left Bumper to Crouch, Right Trigger to Pounce, and Left Trigger to Claw
Strategy – You have to “Charge up” your pounce by staying crouched for a few seconds. Then you can leap forward several times to jump on one of the survivors. Like the smoker, the best way to get points is to isolate one of the survivors and attack them. You can pounce on standing or incapacitated survivors

Tank – Decimate Survivors with your punch or throw
Controls – Right Trigger to Punch/Slam, Left Trigger to Throw a Concrete block
Strategy – When you become the tank it is crucial that you attack the survivors as fast as possible, if you don’t attack you will lose control of the tank. When the survivors are in a group you want to separate them by punching them in all different directions, that way your teammates can pick them off. If you get a survivor alone try to incapacitate them and then pound them into the ground.

Spitter – Spit Acid on the Survivors
Controls – Right Trigger is spit, Left Trigger is claw
Strategy – The spitter only does a lot of damage if you use it the right way. It is generally better to spit at the ground and not directly at the survivor, because it might miss and do no damage. Wait for the survivors to come through a door frame or skinny area where you can force them to run through the acid. The best way to get points is to spit on someone who has been incapacitated because they cannot move out of the acid and they will be harder to heal.

Charger – Pummel the Survivors with your charge
Controls – Hold Right Trigger is charge, Left Trigger is Punch
Strategy – As the charger you pick a survivor up and slam them into the ground over and over again. Wait for a survivor to run ahead and then charge him from the side, taking him far away from his team. Stay hidden because only a few shots can kill a charger, and your punch is not that effective. If the survivors are all in a group you can separate them by charging through the pack.

Jockey – Jump on a survivors back to pull them from the group
Controls – Right Trigger is pounce, Left Trigger is claw
Strategy – You can jump on a survivor and control their movement, making you my favorite infected to play as. Wait for one of the survivors to get ahead or behind and then jump on them and control them to a difficult spot for other survivors can reach. If they are near a high edge you can take them off that, killing you but also incapacitating the survivor.

Remember that the best strategy is to team up with other special infected to take out the whole survivor team fast. Have fun playing one of the best zombie games ever created!

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Submitted On January 15, 2010Online GamingWhen you play as the "Infected" in Left 4 Dead 2 you can be a boomer, smoker, hunter, tank, spitter, charger, or jockey. It may seem overwhelming at first but the controls are very easy for all of them.left 4 dead 2,left 4 dead tips,xbox 360 tips and tricks,xbox 360 tips

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