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I bought a ps3 on ebay yesterday how long would it take to come from England to Ireland thanks!!?



  1. Once the order is processed you should be able to track your order on the ebay website. It tells you where your package is what time it arrived and everything.

  2. Is it from a private seller or business seller? A business seller (they usually tend to be top-rated but not always) usually message you to let you know when it’s been posted and offer a tracking number if you have chosen recorded delivery. If it’s from a private seller (i.e. non-business average people just selling things here and there) then it depends on how long they normally take to dispatch an item – look at the listing, it should say the delivery estimate under the postage costs. If you’re still unsure then just message them and ask. Approximately though it should take about a week maybe a bit longer, again it depends on the seller.

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