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How Can I Re-download Playstation Store Purchases?


I bought a couple of Rock Band songs in the Playstation Store on my master account. Now, I made a new account on my same PS3 and the songs I bought on my master account don’t show up on my new account.

Is it possible to re-download the songs on my new account?
They don’t appear on the playlist when I play Rock Band on my new account.

When I try to log in with my master account, on my new account, I get an error saying “You cannot login with another users something something”


  1. yes (but i think the song are already installed since its the same PS3 so just check by playing if it appears on the playlist ) if that didn’t work, with your new account, sign it in PSN with your original account info and then go the the store to re-download it, The mite work.

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