Home Playstation Forum help with PS3 connection help please!?

help with PS3 connection help please!?


OK to start off i have a netgear wireless router and an Ethernet cable, i hook the wireless router up to the back of my computer and then hook the longer Ethernet cable from the back of the PS3 to the Router, i goto internet connections then to wireless, when i goto test connection it says IP address-succeed

internet connection- fail HELP PLEASE I may mail you back

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  1. Ok, since you have an wireless router you dont even need to use the ethernet cable.ok, first you go to network settings, then configure network connection. then you press X.it will ask if you want a wired or wireless connection. Select wireless and then select automatic.it will set it up for you.if this doesn’t work, message me on the psn.


  2. Are you connecting the router to internet, or is the internet a sepparate box? If the router is just a router and your trying to transfer the internet from your computer to the PS3, this will most likely not work, as the router should be dirrectly plugged into the internet box, and from there plug your computer and PS3 into the Router, do not try to use the internet from your computer as the source. instead, put the input as the internet box,and rewire your computer to the router.

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