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Help with PlayStation Network?


PSN is now up in my region, however I traded my ps3 for a newer one while PSN was down. I created my account on that old playstation, but I signed into my account on this new one. I’m at the step where I have tried to sign in and the message said: an email has been sent to _ with steps on how to change your password. so basically i have to change it before I can sign in

my question is: how long does the email take usually? and will I get an email because im not on the original ps3 I created my account with?

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  1. my email took overnight to come in. PSN was back online for me before midnight last night. And i didnt have an email until 8:00am this morning.

  2. E-mail usually is instant, and if it isn’t instant I would expect it in another 5-10 minutes after it said that. You should get the e-mail regardless of what Playstation you’re using, as long as you’re using the SAME account that was on the old Playstation.

    Things to do:

    -Check your spam e-mail, a lot of the time it’ll go there.

    -Request the e-mail a few more times, then if it doesn’t come back, call the Sony/PSN service hotline and explain your situation.

    -Or simply create a new account if the other one didn’t mean that much to you.

    Good luck!

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