Home Xbox Forum Hello help! what internet speed do i need for xbox live?

Hello help! what internet speed do i need for xbox live?


What internet speed do I need for xbox live? I have dsl internet that is 786kbps downstream and 256kbps upstream will that be fast enough for playing xbox live on games like call of duty modern war far 2 and black ops.? What speed of internet do you have? Do experience lag? Will I have a good connection atleast 75% of the time? Will I have that many lags? Only answer if you are sure.!

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  1. I don’t know what the exact speed required is, but that seems really slow. My Sprint 3G service gets slightly over that speed, and I don’t think I would want to play on that.

    I would probably recommend switching providers. Right now I have AT&T Uverse service, I have one of the lower plans and get about 2.8 Mbps down, and about.8 up, xbox live works perfect for me.

  2. That’s good enough for playing games like COD BO, GTA 4 and open world games though you might suffer from minor lags but very rarely. Ping is more important than your speed also upload speed plays a huge part while playing online. I myself have a 400kbps downstream and 200kbps upstream and I suffer from minor lag sometimes, but still I rank 3rd out of 10 players while playing GTA 4 deathmatch. Moreover your NAT is a big issue too, if you have a strict NAT you can’t join certain games like COD BO and AC:B, if you have a moderate NAT you should have a pretty decent experience with your internet speed and if you have a open NAT, then your absolutely good to go.

    Bottom-line: Definitely give online a try and when you sign up for xbox live from your dashboard you’ll get a 1 month gold trial.

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