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Finally Fix The Red Ring Of Death


Everyone has at least heard about the Xbox 360 Red Light Error, but many people have experienced this horrific event. While playing an Xbox 360, the screen would freeze up until you turned off the console. Upon turning it back on, you would be greated by the three red rings. I personally have experienced this and I replied with maniacal laughter and much anger. Fortunately Microsoft does provide a service to fix this infamous error, but it takes between a month to a month and a half, and then add shipping on top of that. Most gamers simply do not want to wait this long or find they just physically can’t, much like myself. Did I mention the over $140 price tag if you are out of your warranty?

To diagnose and make sure you actually have the RROD, follow this quick little guide.

Step One:

Look at your power light and make sure it is green. Any other color could mean a faulty power brick and this may be the only thing that needs replacing.

Step Two:

Make sure your lights aren’t flashing and make sure three red lights out of four are lit. If they are flashing, this just means your system got too hot but do not confuse it with the major error. Just let your 360 cool down and move it to a cooler and more spacious area.

Side Note:

Try placing your Xbox on its side and not upright. They tend to get better ventilation this way
and may help with overheating unless you get a cooling base station.

Please also note that your Xbox might actually turn back on after you get the RROD, but don’t be too hopeful. It is almost guaranteed it will freeze again in a matter of seconds or even a minute or so.

So what to do with this very expensive brick? Fix it yourself. Thousands of people have fixed this issue by themselves and it really is quite simple and will take under an hour to do. Why wait over a month? Online repair guides really are the best way to fixing this issue and they guarantee you to work. With video and photo step-by-step directions, it is hard not to follow these guides.

If you want to be playing your Xbox 360 again tonight, please check out [url not allowed] and easily and once and for all fix this issue.

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