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Dead Rising Triple Pack Review


Dead Rising Triple Pack Review


  1. So the triple pack is available on steam and I was wondering if it's the same one as the console versions meaning are they all remastered like the console version aswell or no?

  2. never understood why they didnt include Case Zero and West since they are part of the canonical story. They couldve done what MGSV did and made thier prequel part of the game

  3. 1:15 Wrong. That's intentionally a thing the devs added later in development during 2006. They did it for what I assume is a more dramatic effect, as it's in sync with the zombie kill counter and the PP indicator that pops up when used with specific weapons. Is it dumb? Yep. But it's more of a questionable design choice rather than a bug or a port issue.

    1:41 … you're seriously complaining about the boosted framerate because it doesn't alter the game heavily, aside from looking better? Okay. Gotcha. Just checking.

    2:40 Evidently not. I know Capcom aimed low when porting these games, but I feel as if this review was overly critical of the ports. The whole point of porting these classics was to reel in the fans of the classsic games, so that Dead Rising 4 sells better. Is that going to work? Probably not. But if you're going to review a game, then at least get half of the facts straight.

  4. what ya'll expected its a 10 year old game its like if they remake a PS1 game ya'll expect it to have PS4 graphics it seem like ya'll judge games only on graphics

  5. I've beat all these games on ps3. And I bought this pack instantly and have already beat them all again. This is one of my favorite series easily.

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