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Classic Game Room – THEXDER NEO review for PS3


Classic Game Room - THEXDER NEO review for PS3


  1. Im torn. I really want to send Mark my copy of gun griffon blaze for the ps2 because its amazing and hed like it but at the same time id hate to part with it

  2. Hi Thanks for sharing. Great God-given gift in hunting retro and reviews. God bless. Rev. 21:4

  3. Thank you sir. I love Thexder and Silpheed for DOS. Great that NEO uses similar movement and firing mechanics as the original. If only someone did that with Silpheed…

  4. WOW, the graphics on this version are just SEXY! I wish I could play it but I do not have a PS3 (or PS4 if that works)

  5. Just picked this up yesterday after you mentioned Thexter on a newer review. It reminded me of this review and that I wanted to play it.

    Did you know there was a Famicom port of the original Thexter as well? It doesn't look as good and colorful as the PC version but it still is petty good. Hope to see a CGR review of that some day especially since we have been seeing more Famicom reviews lately. :)

  6. Great review! The only thing missing was that shot of Thexder, with his fist clenched, and ready to kick some ASS!!! Lol…

  7. i just heard of that game yesterday! tha'ts an awesome game, and mark would loooooooooooove it :D

  8. looks good, I expected something else just from the name. Don't think I've heard of this beore but I might have on a 1up article about transforming games.Thexder seems like a bad name though.

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